Workbench moderation

Content can be maintained by a team. Permissions can be set by role. You can give access to somebody to produce a draft version of new content, without producing it. It needs a review of a publisher. The Workbench module (not this one) gives a view display of all the changes that have been made. This module sets all the possibilities and permissions.

Default ther are 4 states. Besides archived and published, you have Needs Review. This is the state that indicates that the draft has been finished en is ready to be published after control by the publisher.


You can set the transitions between the states. Every transition produces his own permissions.


Make some roles to add users. I made contributor and publisher.


In every content type you need activate the moderation.

Set the permissions.

Also the Workbench moderation permissions.


Whenever content is produced by a contributor, it will not be visible on the site. The publisher has to give permission.


Every time a revision has been made.

If the Workbench (= other module) module is active, you can use it to view the changes.