Views Field View


This module allows you to use a field in a view that embeds another view. When do you need this? Lets us use an example.

I have a content type 'songs'. Eg. 'Here comes the sun' from the Beatles. Three artists did participate for this song. (Lennon was in the hospital) I present a view that shows the song and its participants, with photo.


The content type of the artist has a body and an image field.


The content type of the song has a reference field towards the artists.


First we start with the view of the artists.Title and image.


Then the view of the songs. A title, body and GLOBAL:VIEW This is the module working...


You can reference towards an existing view. Mind the contextual filtering from one view towards another. I also give the ID of the artist as link.


The field artist has to be an ID field, not the label.



This ID is captured in the other view following this configuration.


Using this method, you don't need relations in your view. If you want to show a picture of the referencing content, you need a relation. Now you don't. The selection appears through the contextual filtering.

In the child view you set the contextuel filter to the ID of the node. In the parent view you set the referencing field ID as link. You don't need to set this field visible..

A fine method to avoid relations. One big disadvantage.. You can not filter the fields obtained with this method. Look but don't touch...