Views Field Formatter

Use a field in your content type as a view. With the Drupal 7 EVA module and view field module it was possible.. On this moment they are not available in Drupal 8 yet.

There is the Views Field Formatter that can be used instead. You make a field (eg body filed). Yuo don't fill in anything. In the display mode you choose 'view'. Now you can link to any view. It will be shown just as a field. You can choose a view that applies on the content itself. In that case contextual filter can be applied. (field value, ID and delta)

A have a bodyfield and an image field. The bodyfield has been turned into a view field. It is a view with all the images in the content type. with contextual filter on the ID i exclude the image from the node itself. It looks like a home made image gallery.


The display of the body field.

The settings..


Mind that it does not matter what content in the bodyfield is filled in...A strange way of working isn't? It looks like rewriting a field.