Twitter Block

Twitter Block is a lightweight module which allows administrators to create blocks which display embedded timelines with tweets from a particular person or topic
Embedded Timelines offer a number of customization options such as theme, number of tweets, ...

After installation go to Block layout and click on 'Place block' in the region you want to place the tweets timelines.

place block.png

In the popup list you find the Twitter Block, click again on 'Place block'.

place block 2.png

Twitter Block requires a unique widget ID.

twitter block id.png

Go to and make sure that you're logged in.
Click on Create new Search

create new widget.png

Fill in the search query p.e. drupal8modules, check the option: only show top tweets and click on create widget.

create widget.png

Now you get a code. You need to copy only de id nr 780371873918058497 into blocksettings

widget id code.png

If you want you can also change some of the appearance settings.
then click on save block. You see the result.

tweets result.png