Scheduled Updates

You choose the moment of publishing-depublishing, promotion to the front page- or not, granting users permissions- or not,...

This module can schedule all of that and a lot more...

After activation, look at at Workflow.


First you need to make a Scheduled update type

Ik made 2 examples: Promotion to the front page and publishing the node..


You see that they made some kind of content type, with fields and displays.


An example of the publishing configuration.


Now you need to make a reference field in the content type. The field is a update field.


Ik made the field named, pub and i chose the 2 types i created.


Make the field multiple

By making the node you now can use the field. I publish on a certain moment the node, promote it to the front page, then after some hours i depromote it from the front page and after some days i depublish it. In the print below you can not see the difference between publishing and depublishing..


You have to look for the details.. Mind the checkboxes..


This module is able to schedule everething with a node, taxonomyterm, user,... Use it....