The module offers three items.


Paragraphs offers you the possibility to change your content type structure, depending on the content you want ot display. It turns your page into paragraphs. Each of them is a little content type of itself. You can combine it with the regular fields.

Look at Structure...


When do you use something like that?

I want to write some content about photomodels (yes.. yes ik know...) Sometimes i have 1 picture, sometimes 2. How to combine that in one content type? I also use Display Suite in this example...

An example will make everething clear..

First the paragraph typ for text and 2 pictures.


With these obvious fields..


The display in combination with Diplay Suite.


Now the other type.. one photo + text.


In the content type 'models' i use a multiple paragraph field.


Let’s fill in some content…


The result (add some CSS please) Mind that depending on the content we can use, i change the paragraph type.


If you want to make a view afterwards.. Do use relations.. Here i only use the first photo field..


Some people use paragraphs as an alternative for field collection. My personal opinion is that you use paragraphs because of their flexibility. If the (sub)fields you use are always the same, you better use field collection.