Masonry API

Masonry has the possibility to fill in the empty spaces. Not only with images, but with all content. It adapts the size of the divs. During the resizing of the screen you get a javascript transition for free..

Few empty spaces.. This module is always in combination with another one (eg. Masonry views)


It is a third party module with 2 libraries. Take the newest ones for Drupal 8. You need jquery update they say, but this is already in the core of Drupal 8.

Do exactly what they ask. Use the v3 for Drupal 8.

  1. Download the Masonry plugin :
    • v2 with branch 2.x. Rename the file to be located at : /sites/.../libraries/masonry/jquery.masonry.min.js
    • v3 with branch 3.x. Rename the file to be located at :
  2. Branch 3.x only: you need to create a directory for imagesloaded in the libraries directory and then download the imagesloaded library from Rename it to be located at :