Geolocation Field


Geolocation Field provides a field type to store geographical locations as pairs of latitude and longitude (lan,lng)
Geolocation Field can be used with all fieldable entities like nodes, users, comments, taxonomy terms, etc.

Add a the field,  for example to a contenttype.

geofield add field.png

Set up the allowed number of values.

geofield number of values.png

Let the default value empty.

geofield default value.png

Choose the format:Geolocation Google Geocoder (Manage form display)

geofield weergave.png

and Geolocation Google maps (Manage display)

geofield weergave 2.png

Next go to Configuration - Web service - Geolocation settings and fill in a Google Maps API key whitch you can find
through the following link:

geofield api.png

Create a new node and enter a location.

geofield map.png