You want an other font family. A beautiful one.. There is a problem. Font familys have to be readable by the browser of the visitor. If you us special ones, you have to add your font-family with de page.

@font-your-face makes this possible. You can choose between several providers. Some of them are paying.. We choose the free Google Fonts. You active it together with the base module.


After flushing the cache you see the new link.


First import the fonts. Here are so many fonts (>4000) that you can interrupt the download at any time... To explore.. you don't need them all.


If you 'Browe' you see the imported ones. Activate some of them. Those you don't use, don't activate. Every time your site is visited, the fonts are downloaded...


Now click on the title of the activated font. You see the CSS needed for implicating this font.


You can now, using the CSS injector (part of the Assett injector), add this code to the class or ID of the part you want to change. I set the site name and slogan in this font type.


The result:


The stylesheet is present in de source code of the page. It has been downloaded directly from Google.


You als can do it reverse.. The configuration of the font display let you link the font-family to a class. So you can link the font with any class without using the CSS injector.