Features is a popular module with millions of downloads...You can export contentypes and view with it. It is an alternative for a partial backup.

When you create a feature, you make an module. So the result is a module and can be handled that way. In Drupal 7 there was a combination with node export. So content, including images, could be exported in de feature also. I a sure that this will be possible in the future..

We make a featue. I choose some content types.


Fields are automaticaly selected.


You can export views too.


Give a name and version.


You can export it as a download module.


Or you can store it as a module. Kind of backup system.


Drupal 8 provide in a bundle system. This is usefull when distributions use features. During the install of the distribution the home made features modules are activated. This powerfull tool sometimes gives conflicts. With the bundle possibility you can configure the features, avoiding problems.