Draggable views


A very usefull module. The order of the items in a view are sorted by name, date, ...Suppose you want something different? Well.. you can change the creating date...like an amateur..Or you can use this module.

Fitst you need to make a view in table mode.This is important. It will not work otherwise. Remark 2 new fields.


Draggable views: content with his configuration:


And the sorting field. All the other sorting fields are deleted.


Now you can drag. In the preview mode this did not work for me. So choose the page mode.


Now you seet his. Show row weights deletes the drag possibilities..


I want the bus to be on the first place.. Then save order.

From now on, the order has changed. A big disadvantage is that the view is in the table mode. If you can live with that. OK. Anonymous visitors can not drag. In the other case, you just make a new view and you choose as sorting method the same draggable weight! Done.



A result in teaser mode. I changed the order. The fireman is first now.


From now on.. all your views will be different. You will choose which pictures you see first in your photo album...