With this module you can quickly generate dummy content, menus, terms, users and vocabularies.
Install and enable the module.
Go to configuration - development.

Now you can generate content. You can choose one of the contenttypes, how many nodes you want to generate, how far back in time, a maximum number of comments per node, ....

generate content.png

Or generate links for a new menu or one of the existing menus, you can set the number of new menus to create, the number of links to generate, ... the type (nodes, front page, external) of links to generate and the maximum link depth and menu width.

generate menus.png

Or generate vocabularies, only the titles

generate vocabularies.png

or generate terms
after you've generate a vocabularie, you can generate terms for that vocabularie

generate terms.png

or generate users
If you have create a new role, this role will show up here

generate users.png