The Contact module allows site visitors to send emails to other authenticated users and to the site administrator. By default, Drupal 8 has the Contact module enabled. Drupal 8 provides two default contact forms: "Personal contact form" and "Website feedback."

Contact form standaard forms.png

"Personal contact form" is the form that's added to each user's.
"Website feedback" is a generic website contact form. Drupal automatically provides a link to this form from the footer.
afbeelding link en afbeelding formulier

Contact form link in footer menu.png

Each contact form has 2 main settings: Recipients (who recive the mail) and Auto-reply (message).

contact form two main settings.png

In Drupal 8 you can add fields to forms so you can create complex forms with no contributed modules.

Contact form add fields.png


Forms also have custom elements: such as "Sender email,""Recipient username," and "Send copy to sender." These can be arranged in the "Manage form Display" tab of each form. You can manage the form display (field / widget)


contact form two manage form display.png

You can also change the label and format (manage display tab).

contact form two manage display.png