Backup and Migrate

This module allows you to save your database en restore it if neccesary. For a full Backup of the site you need more than backup and migrate. You need to backup your folders and files too, using FTP. Be ware of that!

As is speek of Backup and Migrate i mean the database, not the files. Even if they speek of a full is only one of the dabase... not the files..

The easy way is to backup local on your computer saving a download. The most secure way...


You can choose the advanced way, where you select the tables you want..


After downloading you have the file, ready to restore.


Restore if you want.


There are some settings from where you want to restore if stored on the server.


You can schedule the backup. These backups are done in a specific folder. Private Files Directory...


Backups on the server need some preparations..


You heve to make the folder first and set the rights. Nobody can access these files from the web!. test it!. From Drupal 8 on the folder can not be a Drupal folder. It can not be inside a Drupal folder! I made one in the root of my server folder.


In your settings.php you need to specify the private map. If not writable, you have to set the rights op the file temporary writable. Don't forget to reset the rights to 400.



After that you need to make clear to Backup and Migrate that you use this folder.


You can reach the backups with Backup and Migrate.


You can now schedule the backups. They will automaticaly appear in the private folder.