Background Images Formatter

You want a background image in a node or a view...without writing CSS. This module does the job..

Optional: Make an image style that can be used for the background. Ik made the image 70% transparent, using the Image Effects module.


1) for a node

Add a image field en set the display als a bouckgroun. You can even choose a responsive background. I chose my own imagestyle. The selecor is important. The background is set at the whole body. You  can change this of course..


The result. Whenever i look at a node the corresponding image wil be shown.


Look at the configurations.. Even media can be set for showing the background only for big screens for example.


2) for a view. Make a block view en put the display of the imagefield as background. Give the block a place (eg content). Filter where you want te block to be shown.


A view with painters. A painting is generated at random for the background.