Use of external fonts in Adaptive Theme



Everyone knows the module @fontyourface to use external fonts on your site. However, if you use Adaptive Theme this module is unnecessary.

Check Fonts in the theme settings.

The Fonts tab is now visible. You can now use all possible fonts that are offered online or locally (via .woff file). In my example I used a Google Font. You paste the URL of the font in the text field ...

How to get the correct URL?

Search online for Google fonts and browse  ..

If you have found one that you like, then click the "select this font (the + sign)"

You now see the link to the URL that you need.

You can also select multiple fonts safely. Here I take two.

Now just to apply these fonts in the HTML selectors. You can also apply them via CSS font-family and connect them to the IDs or classes.

Here each page title is in the new font.

and also all the headings from 1 to 4

You can also use the fonts that already came with the theme. They are called the web safe fonts.


Conclusion ... Adaptive theme provides a custom tool to use fonts. The module @fontyourface is then superfluous.