Drupal 8 versus Drupal 7: situation

Today, 12/10/2017, I have just screened the 4053th module. The last one.. it seems. I spent months on it and it gave a boost to the depth and breadth of my lessons. There were 163 pages each with 25 modules. I have withheld 272 that I found interesting. One more useful than the other. The discussions are on the site (www.drupal8.support) and contain a short but clear description. I think, therefore, I am able to make a motivated opinion about Drupal 8 versus Drupal 7, at this moment.



The completely new folder structure is more clear. Clarified and more structured. At Drupal 7, everything was in the directory sites. The Symphony component for the programmers is also a big advantage. The settings for the trusted hosted settings are difficult for a home and garden user. The compulsory use of Composer is also a step too far for some people. Personnaly, i am in favor of it nowadays.

Built-in modules

Drupal 8 has its built-in CKEditor and Views modules, but no additional functionality was added to Drupal 8. You get the time gain of installing and the speed will also be increased, but an added value in additional capabilities, it's not. The built-in multilingualism is an asset. Much easier, just like the responsive image styles. Sometimes there are disturbing bugs in the core modules that apparently can not be solved. --- For views, you do not have to put a filter public and select your filter items manually ... white screen .---


All themes are responsive. The tested topics are better in layout, but most are still full of errors. On some themes, the branding does not show a website title in multilingualism, adjusting slideshows on other themes giving a white screen ...


The 272 modules I tested are mostly dev versions. Also there are plenty of bugs, but this is logical, it's a dev version. Nevertheless, we have been after the Drupal 8 release for many months. The new Commerce Structure and Panels are a rejuvenation over the past. Some extensions do not work the updates anymore. An update with Display Suite has ruined many students their site.

What worries me is the lack of some of the most useful modules, for which there is no replacement at the moment.

  • Feeds (with CSV)
  • Editable views
  • Views selective filters
  • Node Export
  • A working calendar
  • A working backup and migration
  • Rules with a user-friendly interface instead of the unusable thing now.
  • Lots of commerce extensions


There is still a lot to happen before Drupal 8, has the same functionality of Drupal 7. Rome has not been built in one day .. and so Drupal 8 will not be. Drupal 8 will be the CMS of the programmers who will continue to refine to the customer's needs. It will no longer be a replacement for a Wordpress and Joomla site. For that reason it has become too complex. Even to send a simple newsletter, you need Composer. This is sometimes a step too far. Programmers are going to laugh at me now. Shopmen  won't.

The difficulty in creating and maintaining a Drupal site versus the (future) enormous capabilities of Drupal 8 creates a duality. This can only be solved by splitting my classes into 2 groups. Those who create sites and those who use an existing Drupal site. I have already taught to hundreds of Drupallers. Up to now you could learn to make and to use a site. The one is more complex than the other. Now I have to divide, and also offer students a ready-made distribution. I am busy making these distributions. Not everyone who drives a car knows how a motor works.

I am and remain a true Drupaller. Keep Drupal digestible for all is the challenge for me. Open source has something sociable and should not be limited to the happy few.